LG1000, Volume flow controller
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LG1000, Volume flow controller

Centralised Ventilation Systems

Product description Compact Units System VENTECH, LG 500P- LG 3200, PHI certified.

The Passive House Certified compact ventilation units are used for controlled ventilation. Developed and produced in Klagenfurt.

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems:

LG 500 Heat Recovery Ventilation

LG 500 P

Passive House Institute certified MHRV
Living space from 150 m² to 400 m²
Air volume flow: 150 to 550 m³ / h
Networking: Possibilities for networking or connection to a higher-level building automation system
Integrated web server
Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP / IP, BACnet, LON

LG 1400 Heat Recovery Ventilation

LG 1400

Passive House Institute certified MHRV

larger residential buildings, as a central unit for up to 17 apartments, schools, medical practices, etc  

Air flow : up to 1500 m³ / h  

LG 3200 Heat Recovery Ventilation

LG 3200

Passive House Institute certified MHRV

Larger residential buildings, as a central unit for up to 40 apartments, schools, medical practices, etc

Air flow : up to 3400 m³ / h

LG 750 to 6000 Heat Recovery Ventilation

LG 750 - LG 6000 K

Passive House Institute certified MHRV

Indoor installation, weatherproof and roof-integrated design

Area of ​​application: 450 to 5550 m³ / h 

Pichler control and regulation system


Pichler control and regulation system

Modular central comfort ventilation units are equipped with integrated Pichler control and regulation as standard.


All the ventilation units settings are possible via the integrated Web server. The Web server has an integrated program for days and weeks. Current operating status and system settings such as control mode, ventilation level, temperatures etc. are also shown on a control unit. Signal lamps will indicate normal operation (green) or malfunctioning (flashing red); these conditions are also displayed in plain text. A graphic control unit with a touch screen allowing more accurate settings to be made for the ventilation unit is under development.
The PI-Air2 system is a simple, user friendly, intelligent controller for ventilation units. It will guarantee maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption. This system is included in all Pichler ventilation units, starting from LG750.


- Simple operation via control unit or integrated Web server
- Modular, demand-optimised system
- Multilingual
- Clear overview of current operating parameters
- Simple integration into automated building systems
- Extensible via PI optimiser system for demand-optimised room zone regulation
- Safety functions: Fire Alarm shut down, Smoke detector integration and more

More Info: 08PichlerUnitsForCentralVentilation_TechnicalDataSheetOverview.pdf(2.6MB)

PI-Air2 - Optimiser

PI-Air2 - Optimiser

The newly developed Pichler System Optimiser will regulate the supply and extract air fans in central ventilation equipment to match demand, achieving energy efficient and optimised operation of the plant. LG750 - LG 6000.

25 zones (50 flow regulators) per section may be controlled via a zone optimiser system for the sections, developed in-house. This system may, if required, be extended to up to 5 sections, each with 25 zones - i.e. 125 zones in total (250 flow regulators). The individual zones may each be parameterised and monitored centrally or via the integrated Web server.

In addition to the air volume parameters Vmin, Vmax, additional flow regulator parameters may be controlled via the Web server. Current flow regulator operating parameters (e.g. flap position, current flows, etc.) will be passed on to the central optimiser via a Modbus system. These are used to calculate optimal fan speeds to thereby control all flaps in optimal operating position.

The central reference and control variable of this need-based system will be the flow regulator flap position. This will significantly reduce the power consumption of the fans. The reduced airflow noise over the flap wings will furthermore clearly benefit user comfort.

Advantages compared to constant pressure control: Significantly lower energy consumption of the fans, less airflow noise, optimised regulation achieved by central control of all flow regulators.

Passive House Institute Component Award 2016

PHI Component Award 2016

The first prize went to J. Pichler GmbH with the building-centralised ventilation solution with the LG 1000 and VAV system.

Pichler / LG 1000 η = 81 %, Pel = 0,33 Wh/m³

Designer/ implementing company: J. Pichler Gesellschaft m.b.H

Ventilation concept for energy retrofits: Centralised 

The centralised device allows good accessibility for maintenance work, and the installation is simplified due to ready-made component solutions such as the VAV box which is a combined sound absorber, volume flow controller and distributor box.

Pichler Component Award Slide 1

Ventilation concept by J. Pichler Gesellschaft m.b.H – centralised.

The centralised ventilation unit LG 1000 is installed on the attic floor outside of the thermal envelope of the building, in a vibration-free manner. The riser ducts are housed in the stairwell. 

Pichler Component Award Slide 2

In the corridor area, the key component for distributing air in the apartments is the combined volume flow controller/sound absorber unit (compact VAV box with electric control and integrated inspection cover), which is designed as a central distributor unit for connecting the supply air and extract air ducts.

Pichler Component Award Slide 3

MHRV Accessories:
Images © J. PICHLER Gesellschaft m.b.H.

combined sound absorber, volume flow controller and distributor box



A compact box with deflection silencers for insertion loss and integrated pipe silencers for the attenuation of telephony sound for Supply and Extract. More Info

Operating and installation instructions


Link: Pichler

LG1000, Volume flow controller
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LG1000, Volume flow controller

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