LBE Air Humidification

LBE Air Humidification

Product description Pichler LBE 250/500 for optimal air humidity

The air humidification unit ensures constant and optimal air humidity in apartments and common rooms, adjustable in the range from 40% to 60% relative humidity.

The design meets the requirements for hygiene in accordance with the specifications of VDI 6022 (Sheet 1 07/2011), VDI 3803 (Sheet 1 02/2010), SWKI VA104-01 (04/2006) and ÖNORM H 6021 (09/2003) according to hygienic assessments.

  • Active humidification of the room air and post-heating in the living room
  • Natural principle of evaporation
  • Hygienically safe
  • Easy handling
  • Delivered ready to plug in
  • For installation in the central ventilation system, also for retrofitting

Importance of indoor air humidity

For the benefit of our health, the optimal level of relative indoor air humidity lies in the range between 40 % and 60 %.

It is a known fact that a relative humidity level below 40 % can lead to the drying up of mucous membranes, thus increasing the susceptibility to infectious colds, as dry air has a negative impact on the cleaning function of the inner surfaces of the airways.

A higher level of relative humidity, in the range between 40 % and 60 %, has a positive influence on the comfort of the indoor climate for several reasons: It reduces the concentration of respirable dust in the air, activates the skin’s defences against microbes, lowers the life expectancy of bacteria and viruses, reduces unpleasant odours and prevents the troublesome build-up of electrostatic charges in the room.

However, humidity exceeding 70 % is usually perceived as uncomfortable, presumably because the absorption of oxygen in the blood is reduced in warm, humid conditions. Cold, damp air appears to increase the incidence of rheumatic disorders. It is of particular concern that levels of humidity above 70 % can lead to the rapid growth of mildew in closed rooms.

Adverse effects due to excessively dry indoor air

with regard to comfort

• A decline in performance capacity and in our sense of well-being.
• A greater exposure to dust and microorganisms

with regard to aspects of building physics

• Cracks in parquet flooring, furniture, etc.
• Damage to antiques and out-of-tune musical instruments

with regard to health

• Problems with throat and pharynx
• Dry eyes and skin (itchiness)
• Nosebleeds and headaches

During the cold season, particularly in the winter months, the indoor humidity can drop to uncomfortable levels below 30 per cent!

LBE system options

Pichler LBE 250

Living areas from 60 m² to 250 m²

• Maximum achievable air volume flow: 250m³ / h
• Wall mounting

Pichler LBE 500

Living areas from 150 m² to 400 m²

• Maximum achievable air volume flow: 500 m³ / h
• Wall mounting

Pichler LBE

Compatible Systems:
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